SMWS outturn tastings

A quick note on my tasting notes for SMWS outturns.

They're intended to give you a heads up on my initial assessment of these whiskies, hopefully in time for you to buy them before they've sold out.  Hence the notes are a bit briefer than the full treatment I can give from the comfort of my study, and are tasted in the members rooms in Greville street.  They are intended to give you an indication of quality, overall character and what you can expect if you buy a bottle.

At the end I often write BUY - this means if you're considering buying the whisky, like the idea of what I've described, the distillery and the price, you have my full approval (for what it's worth) to go ahead and buy the whisky.  If there's no BUY, in my opinion you should spend it on something else in the outturn!

It doesn't mean I bought a bottle.  Although I certainly might have.
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This will make me happy.