Thursday, 21 November 2019

SMWS 58.31, Strathisla, Berried alive

30th March 2006, 244 bottles, After spending 10 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead this was transferred to a 2nd fill chenin blanc barrique for the remainder of its maturation.

Nose - Sweet, frosted whistle pops, Rainbow Drops, deodorant, shaving gel, wax polish and a little chinkiang black vinegar.  It's creamier and more relaxing than I'm making it sound though, waxed warm wood and off-sweet fruits.  More complex woods with water, brings me memories of hot summer nights in Greville street working through an outturn.
Body - Soft then a little spicy with quite robust tannins and harder boiled sweets.  Some apple pips and black tea, quite spicy spirits.  Fruitier and softer with water.
Finish - Medium to long, peppery woods and just faint echoes of the waxes and fruits in the nose.  

This wine cask is reasonably active on second fill, giving quite a lot of hard oak notes in the delivery alongside the luxurious fruits at the front.  A robust second or third dram of the night and can take a few drops of water well.

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