Thursday, 24 October 2019

SMWS 28.42, Tullibardine, Zesty, sherbety, sweet and sour

7th June 2007, 204 bottles, first fill bourbon

Nose - Gentle and waxy, creamy with classy new carpet, maybe a little new car.  A really warm, lovely nose, with midget gems and just a little gunpowder.
Body - As expected from the nose, full of sweet shop and sherbet, not oversweet though, a lovely warm midrange full of waxes and sawdust.  Clumsier with water (more angular, bitter) but more floral, more wood.
Finish - Medium and hot, with fresh laundry and a little leather belt.  Some chilli with water, spicier woods.

A solid little drammer, definite bar material - if perhaps a little spicy in the end.

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