Monday, 23 September 2019

SMWS 41.115, Dailuaine, Scottish lemon preservation society

9th April 2008, 211 bottles, refill bourbon

Nose - Preserved lemons leap out of the glass, but they were just auto-suggested.  Then lemon sherbets, the dib-dabber and a glassy boiled sweet sweetness.  There's a recently dried paint acrylic texture to it too.
Body - Lemon curd and marmalade, with an astringent but biscuity development.  More lemon sherbets and some strawberry lace after (recall that strawberry laces taste mainly of plastic).  Sweeter and creamier with water, a much more gentle experience.
Finish - Long and astringent, fizzing with alcohol and burnt orange marmalade, and perhaps a little lime marmalade too.  Some plywood at the end.

This is a little cracker, but only if you like them light and fragrant.  

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