Sunday, 9 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 9 - 53.265, Caol Ila, Peaty, briny goodness

SMWS Advent Day 9

SMWS 53.265, Caol Ila, Peaty, briny goodness, 11 years old, 58.2% A+

18th July 2006, refill bourbon, 327 bottles

53.265Nose - Sweet, sweet peat, permanent markers and something else from the office - perhaps tippex? Glue? Not sure. Cold, just crushed malted barley, damp wool and women's perfume. Actually that perfume is a really defining characteristic. Lovely, you can't beat young Caol Ila.

Body - Off-sweet in the delivery, dusty and a little burnt, numbing like pear drops - your ill-advised 8 pear drop in a row. Fruitier and peatier with water.

Finish - Medium short with black pepper charred steak, and lots of gunpowder at the end. Robustly peated.

This is a big old dirty refill bourbon and young caol ila, they are reliable and excellent.


  1. Hey Ben, how about your reviews of the latest Cadenhead reviews? Talking about shop cask release and winter batch 1+2, are the being published soon? Waiting already! Cheers! J.