Saturday, 8 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 8 - 13.61, Dalmore, Gardener takes a break

SMWS Advent Day 8

SMWS 13.61, Dalmore, Gardener takes a break, 11 years old, 60% A-

21st September 2006, refill bourbon, 147 bottles

IMG_0683Nose - Weird. Biscuity, butyric, creamy and oddly "adult" - it's got pepto-bismol (that took some placing), laundry and custard creams. Germolene and the smell of an office smoking room (it's the sofas).

Body - Much better than I was expecting, this is soft, full of fruit fool and rich with boiled sweets and cut plums. Peppery excitement from a stray rolling tobacco strand in the mouth. More bitter with water, don't add it.

Finish - Long with another surprise - burning citrus- and at the end and some chilli heat.  Demands another sip, I need some more healing fruit fool!

A robust, challenging whisky - good for a dram but too much heat and weirdness otherwise.  This one is in stock.

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