Friday, 7 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 7 - G1.16, North British, Chardonnay wine gums

SMWS Advent Day 7

SMWS G1.16, North British, Chardonnay wine gums, 26 years old, 61.9% A⊕

23rd October 1991, 25 years in Oloroso butt then 2nd fill butt heavy toast medium char, 375 bottles

IMG_0682Nose - Rather glorious, this is one of those really important, winey, fruity grains that are still very obviously a grain. The kind of thing Compass Box used to knock out. Lots of instant coffee granules here too, with charred bananas and felt tip pens. Some shaved oak and swimming pool. A lot richer with water, toasted pastry and cream with that robust but exciting fruit.

Body - Soft, bright and winey again, quite sharp with the high ABV, with grapefruit peel and cigarette tobacco. Harsher with water but more fizzing citrus.

Finish - Short but creamy, pineapple slices on a French tart.

Really evocative, reminds me of hot summers in the Greville street bar. Haven't had a really cracking grain in ages.  This one is in stock.

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