Thursday, 6 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 6 - 93.99, Glen Scotia, Drambletown Loch

Society Glen Scotias are the best Glen Scotias, for some reason. Certainly way better than the official output, they have that in common with Bowmore.

SMWS Advent Day 6

SMWS 93.99, Glen Scotia, Drambletown Loch, 15 years old, 55.3% A⊕

7th February 2003, refill bourbon

IMG_0677Nose - Dusty, dirty Campbeltown, with diesel fumes, struck flints and toffee apples. Cigarettes next door and women's perfume. Charred wood. It's glorious.

Body - Dusty, charred wood again, with liquorice imps and fruit toffee. Something like burnt pastry here, and a touch of the cross channel ferry. Fruitier with water, but a little more ordinary for it.

Finish - Long with sawdust, icing sugar and roasted plums. Longer and fencier with water.

A dirty, funky triumph.  Absolutely delicious.

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