Wednesday, 5 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 5 - 9.156, Glen Grant, Brutus Magnificus

SMWS Advent Day 5

SMWS 9.156, Glen Grant, Brutus Magnificus, 22 years old, 57.8% A⊕+

22nd April 1996, 20 years in refill bourbon then 1st fill PX hogshead, 207 bottles

brutusNose - Ripe and complete, a lovely, black polished wood and great maturity, it smells a lot like the kind of super ancient thing you'd get from G&M for multi-thousands, the ones with the balancing spirit that hasn't been swamped by the cask. Some instant coffee and Hershey's chocolate, cherry tunes and beeswax. More fruit, more chocolate with water.

Body - A long development of ripe, red fruit and nutty woods. A very soft and considered delivery that has real luxury but lots of structure. Slightly more angular with water but retains that deep fruit.

Finish - Long, sweetly waxed with marmalade and whistle pops.

I love the sweet sour maturity on this one, a finish that has really worked, and a cracking whisky for the money. It's available to buy by the bottle and still in stock at time of writing, minus the bottle I just bought.

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