Tuesday, 4 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 4 - 84.28, Glendullan, Simple but far from dull

SMWS Advent Day 4

SMWS 84.28, Glendullan, Simple but far from dull, 9 years old, 58.9% A+

4th March 2009, refill bourbon

IMG_0673Nose - Fresh, waxy, spiritous but confident, with the smell of extra strong mints, some crayons and a little playdoh. Promising. A touch of swimming pool with water, a little burnt, but a real boiled sweet character too.

Body - Soft and waxy, chewed crayons now with fruit toffee, a little air freshener, fence panel, and some cherry jam. Fruitier with water and a little time, a robust but lovely delivery.

Finish - Medium, sweet and spirity, not new makey at all of course, but bright with citrus and vitality.

This is the kind of younger drammer I always like at the bar - the well-chosen refill bourbon casks – waxy and confident spirit, with a little bit of fruit.

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