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SMWS Advent Day 3 - 4.250, Highland Park, Celebrity yurt indulgence

SMWS Advent Day 3

SMWS 4.250, Highland Park, Celebrity yurt indulgence, 16 years old, 60.6% A

24th August 2001, refill butt, 559 bottles (plus these diddy ones presumably? Unless they're decanted after)

IMG_0665Nose - Modelling clay, raspberry jam and royal icing. Buttercream and crushed ice… and it took me ages to place this but it's the foyer in a cinema - sweet popcorn and coke machines. A flinty, cold peat too, but then this is very strong at 60%. New dug potatoes with water.

Body - Soft, white and sweet (softmints) and chewed liquorice root. A very warm white. Sweeter and finally some fruit with water, ripe cut plums. The lasting impression, though, is of cheap vanilla ice cream.

Finish - Long and peppery - white pepper, then black pepper crisps.

A sort of Summer to Winter whisky. Interesting and quite complex, but it would be tiring for more than this diddy bottle.

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