Saturday, 22 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 22 - 54.63, Aberlour, 2000: and some face odyssey

SMWS Advent Day 22

SMWS 54.63, Aberlour, 2000: and some face odyssey, 17 years old, 54.2% A-

10th February 2000, 210 bottles, 2nd fill bourbon

aberlourNose - Crackery. A little sesame and some sandalwood, fresh acrylic varnish and wood dust from sanding it. A bright, hard sweetness; simple boiled sweets crunched, and a creamy perfume.

Body - Full bodied in its second fill bourbonry, with clean apple wood, moisturising cream and the oiliness of double cream in the mouth.

Finish - Oddly short, cream and that crackery, peppery cereal at the end.

Good nose, and very drinkable, if a little ordinary.

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