Thursday, 20 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 20 - 66.118, Ardmore, A drizzle of syrup on salted ribs

SMWS Advent Day 20

SMWS 66.118, Ardmore, A drizzle of syrup on salted ribs, 11 years old, 59.8% B+

6th March 2006, 304 bottles, refill bourbon

ardmoreNose - Meaty, cereal peat, kind of dusty with a burnt pastry feel to it. Cut quince (how can things smell hairy? They do), quiche (I guess that's just baked egg with the pastry), and a vaguely sour seafoody thing.

Body - Bright, hot and sour, the whisky equivalent of lime and fish sauce (though it doesn't taste of either). Sweet cask and quite young peated spirit.

Finish - Medium with green chilli and white pepper.

A by the numbers Ardmore. John McC always liked society 66s but I often found them unremarkable, and this is the same.  Not to say I haven’t had some absolute crackers though!

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