Sunday, 2 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 2 - 35.223, Glen Moray, A Theta state of mind

Pricey stuff for day 2, I am expecting this calendar to have good stuff in it because it’s the first one but also a big bit in the middle full of 9 year old extreme casking. Looks like there’s a 31 year old extreme cask here too!

SMWS Advent Day 2

SMWS 35.223, Glen Moray, A Theta state of mind, 31 years old, 56.5% A⊖

8th October 1986, 1st fill Sauternes barrique after 29 years in refill bourbon

IMG_0663Nose - Sweet, red, berried, very red wine cask - very wine focussed. Lots of fruit, reminds me of that Benriach (Benriach batch 15 1991 burgundy) on the nose, but waxier. Fresh, sour, but confusingly young and sweet for the age. Lots of wax though, that might be left over from the original bourbon.

Body - Soft, cereal, then a big blast of nutty wine cask, wine gums and a little sulphur. It's mouth wateringly dry and tannic as well as being full of wine gums. Fruitier with water, with stewed black tea and midget gums.

Finish - Long and extremely sweet, black pepper and Haribos.

A confusing, intensely wooded whisky that has been broken by a clumsy cask but still has big flashes of loveliness. It's not a patch on the Benriach though.

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