Wednesday, 19 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 19 - A5.1, Chateau de Laubade, Fruit shop raid

SMWS Advent Day 19

SMWS A5.1, Chateau de Laubade, Fruit shop raid, 61.3% A⊕

29 years old, Armagnac barrel

a5.1Nose - Fresh but deep and brown. Vibrant tanned, varnished woods, with chocolate cake and lemon cleaning spray.

Body - Zippy and fizzing, sherbet lemons and a weirdly plasticky fruitiness (because it's Armagnac not whisky), with candied peel, jelly orange slices and Tang powder.

Finish - Long and still fizzing, lots of tannins and huge quantities of citrus fruits. Very long actually, and it tastes like eating an entire roll of wine gums.

This is a robust but thrilling spirit, and that finish is just wonderful.  It’s still available here.

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