Monday, 17 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 17 - 10.155, Bunnahabhain, Warms the heart

SMWS Advent Day 17

SMWS 10.155, Bunnahabhain, Warms the heart, 10 years old, 61.3% A⊖

3rd October 2007, 264 bottles, refill bourbon

bunnasmwsNose - A chocolatey one, as practically-identical young bunnas go. On the sweet side with a little too much cereal and not enough coast for me.

Body - A lovely depth in the delivery though, lemon sherbets and a touch of popping candy.

Finish - Short with white pepper and whipped cream.

A decent enough whisky; peppery with a nice level of sweetness, if a little clumsy.

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