Sunday, 16 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 16 - 134.4, Paul John, Struts its stuff

SMWS Advent Day 16

SMWS 134.4, Paul John, Struts its stuff, 6 years old, 57% A⊖

30th November 2010, 165 bottles, refill bourbon

pjNose - Chocolate cake and fence panels, Pepsi-cola and polished oak. Balsa wood fresh out of a plastic package. Hot sawdust.

Body - Boiled sweets and licked acrylic, very astringent with UHU glue and washing powder.

Finish - Long but extremely sour, preserved lemons and flat cola.

The rich, heavily oaked Indian whisky I like is struggling past the massively astringent lemon and almost chewed aspirin. I'm surprised at PJ, maybe my palates not right today - this is why I don't write notes every day!

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