Friday, 14 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 14 - 28.39, Tullibardine, Vanilla poached peaches

SMWS Advent Day 14

SMWS 28.39, Tullibardine, Vanilla poached peaches, 60.9% B-

tullibardineNose - Waxy, glassy, cold, orchard fruit, cigarette tobacco. Then a deeper, more varnished sweetness, a little more acrylic.  Jelly (peach) slices (that may have been auto-suggested) and a little banana Nesquik. Fresher, colder, more citrus flesh with water.

Body - Creamy but powdery, iron fillings fool. A little gunpowder and some tart tatin, more acrylic. Angel delight now.

Finish - Red chilli and cracked black pepper. Very long and a little hot, with walnut flesh.

Interesting to try, but clumsy and too hot with very little actual enjoyment to carry it through.

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