Wednesday, 12 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 12 - 42.37, Ledaig, Steamie Turkish bath

SMWS Advent Day 12

SMWS 42.37, Ledaig, Steamie Turkish bath, 10 years old, 62% A+

25th June 2008, 242 bottles, refill bourbon

ledaigNose - Mineral yet soft and floury, hot asphalt and lots of vanilla, with lemon curd and fresh towels. Actually now you mention it it is very sauna-wood, with a cracked, old varnish.

Body - The rich, sweet bourbon cask you were expecting, but it's also really sour and citrussy with cut hedge and orange shells.

Finish - Medium, cigarettes, a little musky, some marijuana.

This is why you join the SMWS, for weird, musky, challenging but really drink-y casks like this.

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