Tuesday, 11 December 2018

SMWS Advent Day 11 - 122.25, Croftengea, Not for the faint-hearted

SMWS Advent Day 11

SMWS 122.25, Croftengea, Not for the faint-hearted, 7 years old, 57.9% A⊕

11th February 2011, refill bourbon, 291 bottles

CaptureNose - Sweetly crusted, like some kind of christmas thing covered in sugar. Dusty and brown too, like burnt pastry and a splint lighting a cigar. Coffee granules and Mexican chocolate. Fruitier with water, but with more burning electrical insulation.

Body - Sweet and rich again, coffee and musty, dusty fruit, very complete and full spectrum. Burnier with water, I preferred it without.

Finish - Medium to long, mango smoothie and bircher muesli. Black pepper and toast char with water.

Another cracking 122, long may this continue. This is of course a total bargain as well, this calendar is a good way to sell me whisky… hang on!

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  1. Hi Ben,
    Drop me an email to discuss the GA if you like at nick.bonigroup@gmail.com. Happy to chat over the phone too or any other means that you prefer.
    I have a mate in London at the end of the month.