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SMWS Advent Day 10 - 2.110, Glenlivet, Caked in custard

SMWS Advent Day 10

SMWS 2.110, Glenlivet, Caked in custard, 13 years old, 57.3% B-

8th October 2004, refill bourbon, 194 bottles

IMG_0710Nose - Hard and flinty, crushed rock and a very sweet backing of crushed boiled sweets. A little fennel perhaps, some sawdust. Quite closed. Much better with water, some whistle pops but not really any actual fruit. There's a clarty, cake-y note to it.

Body - Custard creams and buttercream, liquorice imps and a very hard-nosed sweetness. Again, much better with water, some orange and peach, quite zesty actually but still very sweet.

Finish - Medium, sort of buttery and very young and sweet.

I'm surprised this got past the tasting panel. It's not that it's faulty, it's just very boring.

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