Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Springbank Local Barley 2018, 9 years old

This is the fourth of five local barleys, I wonder what could be coming after?  I have to say I am bored to tears now of whisky terroir and barley bothering on social media (and the other things that go round and round and round in whisky interest bubbles), but that doesn’t stop the casks being great.

The other bottlings are listed below:

LB 1 2016, 16 years old

LB 2 2017, 11 years old

LB 3 2017, 10 years old

Springbank 9 years old, Local Barley, 57.7% A⊕

Optic from High Cattadale Farm, July 2009 – October 2018, 9700 bottles

springbank-9-year-old-local-barley-whiskyNose - Sweet, jewelled, quite hard and oily, like a younger Springbank should be. There's a delicate dustiness behind that, a meaty, Longrow-y peat with charred wood chunks, coconut ice and quite a lot of wax. Some gunpowder, quite flinty, confident but it could be a bruiser…

Body - Big, very sweet but really richly delivered, there's no immaturity here - if anything the intensity is nicely offset by rich fruit, cereal and some wax. It feels older than 9 and I would have definitely guessed Longrow in a blind tasting. Quite a lot of Campbeltown filth in the delivery, slightly rotten citrus and a touch of plastic.

Finish - Long and citrus sweet, with lemon bonbons, lemon peel and blood orange. Biting peat at the end, numbing bitterness (grapefruit) but still well balanced.

A masterclass in young (for Scotland) whisky and Campbeltown maturation. Rich but intense, fruity but really structural, verging on dirty but still clean and hard. This is another really confident Local Barley. One more for the set…

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