Thursday, 15 November 2018

Some Clynelish

Clynelish, distillery exclusive bottling, 46% A+

Thanks to JS for splitting this!

clynelish distilleryNose - Really beautiful, a waxy, slightly sour and floral nose, with charred meats and polished woods. Very old school and grown up, and very inviting.

Body - Slightly austere at first, then peppery and woodsy with cut dandelion stalks and a little burnt toast.

Finish - Medium and a little acrid, but with an undercurrent of soft fruit toffee and brine.

A wonderful nose and then a little bit angular in the delivery unfortunately, but there is some good rich fruit and wax in here.

Thank you Jon for the next two…

Signatory Clynelish 2008, 10 years old, 46% A-

Bourbon cask, 01.03.2008-10.04.2018

clysig2008Nose - Bright, ripe, rich lemon tart, with fat candle wax, lemon sherbets and custard cremes.

Body - Very soft, almost not there. Light, dusty sherbet, orange curd, double cream.

Finish - Surprisingly long and creamy, delicate but insistent.

This is a very light, almost dusty whisky, and good for it. A lovely citrussey nose, there's a big hole in the delivery, but it's a delicious, creamy thing to drink.

Signatory Clynelish 1996, 21 years old, 46% A⊕

Refill butt, 11.12.1996-28.02.2018

clysig1996v11Nose - Big, sour, deep, slightly medicinal with some gunpowder and sawdust. A dirty, sort of sooty, burnt wax but also a bright, orange and mango fruitiness too.

Body - Cleaner than I was expecting, the orange is back with twisted peel and big chunks of flesh. Almost orange furniture polish.

Finish - Medium to long, and with a more peppery orange peel, with cinnamon stick and a little chocolate clove - no hole in the delivery here - it's rich, citrussy and well balanced to the end.

A lovely thing to drink, full of Christmassy orange and spices.

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