Thursday, 22 November 2018

Diageo Special Releases 2018

Sadly I couldn’t attend this year, despite getting access I was foiled by my ridiculous existence and had to look after kids or something.  I love going to that tasting! 

Ed kindly score some of these two for me though, bah.  Cheers mate.

Talisker 2009, 8 years old, Diageo Special Release 2018, 59.4% A+'

talisker-8-year-old-special-release-2018-whiskyNose - Bright, waxed and jewelled, with orange curd, joss sticks, lolly sticks and wet, charred wood. Really arresting.

Body - Soft but fruity, then structurally peated with coal, crushed lumpwood charcoal and burnt toast. That's all at the top, burnt and cereally, but gummy fruit sweets and wax underpin it.

Finish - Medium and peppery, the persistent fruity, waxy funk behind it. It ends slightly rotten, but that wasn't unwelcome.

Surprisingly special, I'm not sure why I had such low expectations, it wasn't the age. The peppery peat is quite clumsy I suppose but that supple, waxy, slightly dirty fruit is very exciting.

Cladach Blend, Diageo Special Release 2018, 57.1% A-

cladach-special-release-2018-whiskyNose - Sherry cask and a little tequila in here (compared to the Talisker at least). A lot more wax (as you'd hope), practically acrylic with tawny marmalade and sesame snaps.  Very “lacquered”. 

Body – More like “engineered”; it's like the Talisker (that same cooked cereal) but the burnt edges are rounded off. Still it has baked plum and orange juice, flaked almonds and barley sugar. And that kind of cough mixture stickiness. But it's not living up to the nose.

Finish - Long and citrussy; treacle tart with caramelised orange slices.

I love the nose on this, ripe but ethereal, but the delivery pulls too many punches and reminds me of a 40% official NAS release.

I’m sure the other ones were good too.  FFS.

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  1. Why are you bored of barley? That's what whisky is made from!