Thursday, 27 September 2018

Daftmill’s first two


Daftmill Summer Release A⊕+

daftmill-2006-summer-batch-release-whiskyNose - Light, citrus, wax, insistently creamy. Then there's a much dirtier depth to it, a lowlandery fecundity which has rosemary and roasted pork fat, cut flower stalks and peach.

Body - Extremely fruity if understated, it has that '76 Tomatin funky tropicality to it, perhaps a little Irish too. Some petrol/plastic book covering.

Finish - Long and ripe, really quite sweet and full of apple and ripe nectarines, orange jelly sweets and cut oak. It seems to get fruitier as it fades.

If the excitement dies down a little I'm looking forward to drinking bottles of this.  Such deep fruit and sugars, but balanced by weird, slightly alien funk.

Daftmill Inaugural Release A+

daftmill-2005-inaugural-release-whiskyNose - Noticeably rawer and more angular than the summer release, with acrylic paint, fresh planed oak and liquorice rizlas. It feels like there's some virgin oak in the mix here. That character from the Summer release is here too though; waxy, fruity, a bit weird, herbal and winey. It feels a bit more "single cask".

Body - Fresh, then sugar sweet, then sort of meaty (slow cooked pork belly and soy) with sugar coated fennel seeds.

Finish - Long with the same astringent sweetness from the initial delivery. Spicier, hotter than the summer, but robustly fruity with a big bourbon cask woodsy pepper. Feels like something you'd have at the bar in SMWS.

Another delicious whisky, nowhere near as luxurious as the Summer though.

Thanks a million EdC for sorting out these!

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