Thursday, 2 August 2018

Tomintoul Five Decades

Thanks to Stephen at Cadenhead’s for giving me the sample!

Tomintoul Five Decades, 50% A⊕

tomintoul-five-decades-50th-anniversary-whiskyNose - Sweet and sour, whistle pops and posh apple juice, beautifully fruited but quite arresting with that sour note and some cask wax. Not exactly what you'd expect from Tomintoul, much more challenging, but very good.

Body - Cleanly fruited again, satsumas and barley sugar. Maybe fruit polos. Sweet and deliciously fruity.

Finish - Long and gently tannic with splints, orange peel and a little liquorice imp.

This is an extremely crushable and delicious whisky, lots of fruit and sugar but very drinkable with a long, balanced, structured finish.

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