Sunday, 1 July 2018

2018 Springbank Duo

Following on from the recent trio (a special release Hazelburn Oloroso and the usual, yearly Springbank 21 and Longrow 18), a couple of official single casks.

Hazelburn 10 years old, 53.9% A⊕+

December 2007 to May 2018, 270 bottles.  Re-charred bourbon hogshead.

hazelburnNose - Deep and bright fruit, sweetshop levels. But tempered by barley, plasticky esters and Love Hearts. Soft liquorice and that unstoppable Campeltown "thing", the smell of Springbank (why and how?, it's got to be the peat - or is it the floor malting? Or the… dunno). Warm and compelling, smells about 35.

Body - More refreshers, peppered steak and candy cigarettes. Toast and a musky, black, chestnut honey. Bone dry, leather and just slightly dirty, wonderful.

Finish - Biltong, old varnish, liquorice imps and sweet pipe tobacco.

An extraordinarily drinkable and totally wonderful whisky.

Longrow 16 years old, 54.3% A⊕

October 2001 to May 2018, 360 bottles. 7 years in fresh bourbon barrel, then 9 years in fresh Chardonnay barrique.

longrowNose - Sweet and dirty/dusty/weird as the best Longrows are (most of them over 9 are anyway), with permanent markers, clove, sparklers, Refreshers, Kipling chocolate icing, dusted chocolate almonds and baked plums. Quite a rollercoaster, this is going to be sweet on the delivery…

Body - Nutty and dirty, then gunpowder and rotting apples (dry though), more almonds and a little hazelnut, flat cola, and old school Listerene. Winier with water, that fizzing medicinal note is pronounced.

Finish - Long and very dry with very sweet cloves again and lavender.

A bruisingly honest but remarkable whisky. As weird and wonderful as a late 80s Bowmore, unhinged but exciting and delicious.

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