Thursday, 14 June 2018

Port Charlotte 10

New packaging for the Port Charlotte 10 years old Scottish Barley, which I just love.  Let’s not lie to ourselves and pretend we don’t like the bottle the whisky comes in, it’s all part of the joy.  This packaging is brilliant.

Now, I was actually (along with many others) sent a whole bottle of this to review, which I have been taking my time with and making the most of.  That doesn’t happen very often but I am not letting it influence my judgement.  I am letting the packaging influence it, but not the free whisky. 

Port Charlotte 10 years old, 50% A⊕

714495NVBNDNose - Balanced intensity. Medicinal, sharp (vinegar and cereal), sweet and dusty, an old, dirty cask. 50% is spot on. Lots of fruit too - raspberry in a sour beer, sweet teenager's perfume, baklava and incense. Complicated, challenging and really quite alien.

Body - Soft, cereal (barley) and cereal (granola). Hot lemon drink, aspirin and marmalade. Heavily peated, earth, fruit, sugar and cask well balanced. The overall feeling is one of warmth, comfort and age.  And salt and cracked black pepper kettle crisps.

Finish - Long peppery peat, with poppy seed bread and fizzing lemon sherbets. So soft at the end.

It's excellent. 

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