Saturday, 17 March 2018

Kilkerran CS 8 years old, late 2017 edition

Kilkerran CS 8 years old, late 2017 edition, 55.7% A+

kilkerran-8-year-old-cask-strength-whiskyNose - Sweet, then waxy and mineral. The balance of sweet and peat is spot on, very harmonious. Refreshers, patchouli joss sticks and bath bombs. There's a touch of petrol station/travel sweets in here, with freshly de-podded peas. Very grown up and a lovely balance.

Body - Quite hot and biscuity, backed by Kilkerran's usual rich fruit and some obviously good casks. More balanced sweetness, radiator at the back.

Finish - Long with a real focus on the cask - dusty, fruity toffee, fresh laundry and more refreshers.

This is delicious, interesting and balanced, with a dusty maturity and full of Campbeltown character. Very good.

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