Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Gauldrons

At last!  The missing region from Douglas Laing.  And obviously the home of Springbank (big heart).  Lots of chat online about this basically being Glen Scotia as Springbank don’t give out to indies any more but who knows, there’s been plenty of Douglas Laing casks in the past and of course Big Peat has PE in it. 

The Gauldrons, Campbeltown Blended Scotch Whisky, 46.2% A+

the-gauldrons-whiskyNose - Sweet tea, cardamom, significant waxes and a slightly overripe aspect. It is very far from the classic Springbank profile although there's a dusty peat that reminds me a little of older Longrow - waxy, dusty and slightly medicinal. I'm not sure that's a very Glen Scotia thing?

Body - UHT milk, peppery chocolate cake and Mexican hot chocolate (lots of cinnamon). Good tannins behind this, a touch of cigar tobacco and Lotus Biscoff spread.

Finish - Medium to long with building cinnamon jawbreakers and chocolate truffles. Ginger snaps at the end.

I really like this - chewy, lots of ginger biscuits and big tannins bring you back for another sip. I'd never place it in Campbeltown but the branding and flavour profile fits together very nicely.

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