Monday, 20 November 2017

A private bottling of Springbank, 25 years old

This is a cask sample I was sent for to get an opinion (as an obvious Springbank fan).  I’m hoping it gets bottled as is, as we will lose these casks at some point – I don’t think Springbank have sold private casks for a while!  I’m publishing these notes with the permission of the owner of the cask.  I’ll be buying it if it gets released.


Springbank, private cask, 25 years old? A⊕

Nose - Fresh citrus, floral (fresh cut flowers), a little lemon wax, yesterday's gloss paint and light funk. Coffee, lilies and sherry vinegar. Water turns the lemon into lemsip and Refreshers.

Body - Sweet but balanced with dry, fizzing cough candy, chewed Seville orange peel, black pepper and sawdust; ethereal peat. Sweeter with water, with a touch of old lady's perfume and Sichuan peppercorns. There's a real buttercream icing delivery here that fills out the citrus fruit and makes the nose feel older.

Finish - Long and hot, lemon sherbets at the end with charred toast and lots of citrus oil. Slightly sour hard oak with water, the lemon sherbets are more intense.

A robustly peated old Springbank with fresh citrus fruit, a compelling floral character, and spicy, resinous, ethereal peat. Very moreish, clearly a proper old school refill bourbon.  Quite haunting, particularly in the nose.

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