Wednesday, 18 October 2017

SMWS 134–new Paul Johns

It’s all change at SMWS, tomorrow morning we get the first Indian whisky and it’s going to be sold by ballot.  Here’s an independent opinion on the whisky!

SMWS 134.1, Paul John, Exotic rainforest fruits, 6 years old, 57.9% A+'

28th February 2010, 174 bottles, refill bourbon

4561bf24dbfb0d5aNose - Deep and slightly dank, coffee and condensed milk with cigarette tobacco, red wine and a huge amount of wax. Lots of fruit - almost juicy fruit chewing gum - although still structurally sound. With time, the marzipan I was expecting. Lovely. Even better with water, intense fruit, 30 year old Scotch levels of tropical fruit but balanced by warm spice and wood. These PJs have this lovely Scotchy structure with the tropical fruit that makes them smell so much older than they are.

Body - Sweet but then instantly tobacco, toffee and… polystyrene cement and airfix transfers. Chewed liquorice root. Rich and clean fruit with water, vanilla sponge too.

Finish - Hot with more liquorice and lots of cereal, bourbony, woodsy tannins. It's like a Scotch/American clanger, with the bourbon in the sweet side.

Goodness me that nose is lovely, it's easy to fall in love with these PJs from the nose alone, but the delivery has just a little too much wood for me neat. Anyway, yum.


SMWS 134.2, Paul John, Lip-smacking and cockle-warming, 6 years old, 58% A-

31st March 2010, 168 bottles, refill bourbon

c8fe7d2d7ba1af65Nose - More varnish here, more spirity and more estery, with greener fruit and more wax. White flowers, cut dandelion stalks and a touch of wood glue. After sipping that changes, with chocolate covered toffee and used tea bags. Unexpectedly waxy with water, much older and some of the majesty of the .1.

Body - Sweet and glazed, simple sugars and charred wood, with wet, ruined cigarettes. Better with water again, the wood's still wet but it plays better against the sweetness.

Finish - Short and simple, slightly charred wood and caramel. Gone almost immediately except for a big bite of vanilla sponge. Much longer with water, the wood asserts again, with fresh, green apple to the end.

A good drinker and again, a good nose but it can't quite bridge me over to Scotch like the .1 does.

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