Monday, 3 July 2017

SMWS May 2017 Outturn 3/2

Yes, that’s right, post three of two about last month’s outturn!

These two were even later than I was so I wasn’t able to taste them back then, but was able to get to them more recently.  They are officially from May.

Thanks Phil for the pics.

SMWS 50.93, Bladnoch, Hansel and Gretel and the Savoy, 26 years old, 53.6% A⊕+

26th January 1990, 66 bottles, refill bourbon

33823296773_2bfff7cb9b_nNose - Big. Old to the point of cheesey, of slightly rotten wood, but in an excellent way. Wood glue and fresh cut oak planks, some well-cooked chicken livers but a little freshness too, cold apple sauce? Mintier with water.

Body - Pure apple pie in the delivery, with a very strong sense of sugar dusted pastry, although no cinnamon. Sweeter toffees with water and a touch more wood.

Finish - Surprisingly short and fresh and fruity. Reasonably old school with that though, with a clean departure that tips its hat to the cask and leaves you with cooked apples and wanting more.

An absolutely delicious, and very well delivered whisky. Intense and interesting in the nose, clean, fruity and delicious in the delivery, I could drink this all night. Highly recommended.


SMWS 29.216, Laphroaig, Moonlight night at the beach, 20 years old, 51.9% A⊕

26th November 1996, 293 bottles, Nineteen years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, finished in a virgin oak hogshead with a heavy toast and a medium char.

34802246126_1a0219e39e_nNose - I was really worried for the poor Laphroaig but that VO finish seems to be meshing quite nicely with the intense, medicinal Laphroaig peating. There's robust TCP here, gloss paint and liquorice root. Parma violets with time and water.

Body - Yellow, like that Cairdeas was. Melon rinds, bong water and white wine, with perfect integration of a quite dirty peating.

Finish - Long and peppery, lemon toffee and menthol cigarettes.

Seriously excellent, this is one of the VO finishes that really pulls it off.


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