Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Peated Glenfiddichs

Having briefly been on the Glenfiddich Christmas card list, there was a period where I tried a few properly matured Glenfiddichs and really fell in love with what the distillery can do.  Obviously it’s not available from the indies so it’s an unrequited love for the main part, but I’m always on the lookout for something that scratches that itch.  I thought the Experimental XX one was good for that, and I really loved the Original for the same reason, but I’m always on the hunt.

A couple of peated ones though?  Could be good!

Glenfiddich Vintage Cask, 40% A+

glenfiddich-vintage-cask-whiskyNose - A knife edge balance of leather, polished oak desk, that indescribable Glenfiddich something (it's earthy, fruity, slightly waxy and slightly other-worldly) and the slightly unwelcome and strange inclusion of peat. I must say though, that this is a proper Glenfiddich nose despite that.

Body - Very odd to be drinking whisky at only 40%, but it actually does play well with Glenfiddich's style. Gentle and slightly cardboardy but backed with baked apple, thick oils and that pepper peat.

Finish - Medium to long, real poise and style throughout the development. Lots of body due to the heavy oils. Lots of pepper "after" the main finish, and slightly beery (with toffee sauce). Maybe this is quite a long finish after all.

I like this a (very) lot but I don't welcome the peat in here.

Glenfiddich Spirit Of Speyside Festival 2017, 1st fill sherry Butt (peated), 59% A⊕

Enormous thanks to Whisky Rover for the dram of this he saved me (on begging) from his trip to the Speyside Festival.  I believe they threw the cork away on this one, sometimes the best way to get to really send off a unique bottle!

glenfiddich_speyside_festivalNose - More robust in every way, there's a real intensity of the wood in the nose, with the Glenfiddich spirit and peat poking out occasionally. There's fresh chocolate, petals and earth, and a dirty, almost overripe note to the peat. Fruitier and a lot more mature with water - toffee, whipped vanilla cream, scented erasers and crayons.

Body - Long and gentle with cream and at first, then big, peppery and almost a menthol peat later. Then flashes of cut pine boards and bitter orange zest. The peat is floral, with a little toothpaste and there is this weirdly midrangy wood in here, like splints or fence panel but not quite.

Finish - Very long, with big mouth numbing oils and clove. An almost Octomore funk at the end. The whole thing is even dirtier with water.

A remarkable, totally delicious and intense whisky slightly let down by some odd behaviour in the delivery. You'd smash the bottle of this pretty quickly I reckon, a great cork chucker.

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