Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Paul John Cask 1906

I don’t review much Indian whisky at all, I have a few on the in-tray but don’t seem to get to them.  I had a chance encounter with Shilton downstairs in Cadenhead’s a year and a bit ago where I tried a few Paul Johns ahead of the release of their “Bold” bottling, and of course Cadenhead’s just released a Paul John as part of their Authentic Collection outturn last week (which I should get to try soon), so this seems a good time to pick this bottle share out.

Paul John Cask 1906, 59.5% A+

paul-john-single-cask-cask-1906-whiskyNose - Sweet, sharp and dusty, with refreshing fruit - orange squash, pineapple rings and a little red apple skin. There's an oaky, bourbony sweetness underneath this - big cask and complexity. It has something I can't put my finger on, it might be that it's not Scottish or American… the wood is undeniably bourbony but it's more perfumed, with a different type of lemon and mango in the tropicality. Fruitier and creamier with water. I like it.

Body - Hot, thick with toffee and spiced red apple, creamy and boozy like Irish coffee. Much better with water, it's so creamy and fruity it reminds me more of Amarula.

Finish - Medium to long with chocolate toffees and black pepper. Reminds me of some recent single cask rums with water.

This is tasty stuff, more complex than I first thought and has a lovely, creamy tropicality.

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