Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Octomore OBA

Octomore Black Arts, released to an unsuspecting audience and as with the other laddie Black Arts, no description of casking.  In some cute 50cl Octomore bottles, this was a bit of a server crasher.

Octomore OBA, 59.7% A+

octomore obaNose - Big and sweet and rich, huge Sauternes, wine cask and sherry influence, but lots of magic balloons, fruit toffee and minerality. Definitely some virgin oak in here (even if those other guesses were wrong) which goes so well with Octomore. Coffee and matches. On exhale there's something artificial and plasticky, plastic library book covering perhaps. Winier with water, with cherry tunes. This is a fantastic, and very interesting nose.

Body - Orange juice and cream, something slightly fetid too - perhaps fermented. Then Advocaat with a back note of cabbage and iron filings.

Finish - Long and very dry, very tannic indeed, with jalapenos and hot sulphur adding to the tannins. Blood oranges and instant coffee granules. Very distinct refreshers accompanied by quite a serious cabbage note with water.

A real clash of casks this, and it does work really well but tips the cabbage scale for me. The nose is fantastic, and the delivery with water is particularly good. But the cabbage… fortunately this means you might not have the same problem as me with this (due to sulphur tolerance and detection levels varying between people).

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  1. Hi, i would like to buy this bottle. Any idea where i can purchase this.