Monday, 10 July 2017

Hazelburn Oloroso, 13 years old

I first tasted this at the Whisky Show last year (there’s another bunch of notes that’ll never get written up and published!) and my first reaction was “this is peated”.  Grant told me that it had been matured in ex-Springbank casks, hence the peat levels in here, but there seems to be a lot of it about (I thought the Hazelburn I tasted at the Society tasting in Campbeltown was definitely a Kilkerran, for example). 

Hazelburn 13 years old, sherrywood, 47.1% A⊕

hazelburn-13-year-old-whiskyNose - Winey but a little sweet, slightly mineral, some sweat, big ripe fruit, an unmistakable Springbank tang of peat and engine oil. This is a Springbank, with added putty. I love the red wine, wax and mineral balance here. More towards white wine with water, with Mr. Kipling pastry cases and white icing.

Body - Tannins, chalk, earth, Springbank oils. Ripe and bruising, super sweet, tannic, blackcurrant fizzers and lots of red wine cask. A touch of sulphur heat from the Oloroso. Simpler with water.

Finish - Very long, with pith and pips and bitter peat. Good oils at the end, very returnable to. Weak and hollow with water at the end though.

This is a really expressive, balanced, interesting and delicious Springbank. They just wrote it wrong on the label.

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