Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Douglas Laing Syndicate 58/6, 12 years old

A blend from Douglas Laing which I’ve not actually heard of before and is seriously cheap at Master of Malt at the moment.  It has some slightly incomprehensible story attached to it about 1958 and a solera, but this is extremely decent for the money and would look (and feel) good being poured into a cut glass tumbler.

Syndicate 58/6, 12 years old, blended whisky, 40% B+

syndicate-58-6-12-year-old-whiskyNose - Sweet and slightly sour, slighty musky. The light acrylic paint style of sherry, a touch of window putty, candles and a little cherry. Quite mineral, a touch of rain. All nicely balanced.

Body - Icing sugar, slightly hot, slightly tannic. There's that putty and cherry whistle pops again from the nose. Reminds me of a NAS sherry Glenrothes.

Finish - Short to medium, very grain led in the finish, but that's no bad thing (as you no doubt like grain whisky). Royal icing at the end.

A good chugger, one that won't get in the way of a good conversation. Those drams need a good nose, a clean delivery and then to get out of the way for another sip!

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