Saturday, 20 May 2017

Dramboree Competition

Dramboree is basically a fan organised event, with 20 or so whisky nerds getting together somewhere in Scotland for some serious whisky drinking, some interesting talks and tastings and usually a distillery tour.  It’s self funding and done out of love.  I’ve never been but I did investigate it in detail (I was a bit worried it’d be a bit weird) but what I found out from talking to various people in detail (particularly Jon Webb) that it was great, not weird at all, and the scene of some serious whisky fun.  I’ve ended up not going ever yet because I realised I had too many children and I would get in trouble doing that as well as Campbeltown festival (which my love of Cadenhead’s and Springbank is too hard to resist). 

They have a couple of places left for this year’s event and it needs to get filled – as it’s fan run, good ticket sales means they can run it again next year.  Hopefully one day I will actually be allowed to go to it, so to chivvy things along I am offering a prize to the first two people to buy a ticket by clicking the link below, then clicking “Sound good? Come to this year's Dramboree!” and then buying a ticket and writing in the comments: “Copsey made me do it!”

The prize will be 10x 3cl samples from my embarrassingly large collection of SMWS whisky, delivered to your house by ROYAL MAIL.


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