Saturday, 4 March 2017

Glenmorangie Bacalta

This is the eighth in the Private Edition series.  Some funny business with the casks here – this has been in ex-bourbon of some kind and then finished in casks which have been especially “sun baked” in the rafters of vineyards while full of Malmsey Madeira wine.  Then heavily charred (or heavily charred beforehand) with the Glenmorangie finished in them. 

I must say this is extremely drinkable.  I was a bit nonplussed when I opened the bottle but the more I’ve lived with it the more I’ve come to enjoy it.  A very well constructed whisky.

Glenmorangie Bacalta, 46% A

glenmorangie-bacalta-private-edition-whiskyNose - Newly opened it's ripe, berried, quite balanced in its sweetness. With time, a lot cakier. Definitely a wine cask here, well restrained. Roasted plums, vanilla cream. There's a very gentle cask here with honeyed danish pastries and sawdust that's rather nice. I get the sun baked thing, it’s almost musky with water. It's too cold to really feel that though I need to return to this bottle in August.

Body - Warm and creamy, soft roasted plums again, with a developing toffee fruit. The wine is very faint to be honest. Really rich, creamy and cakey with time, peaches and apple Danish pastry. Everything is turned down a notch with water except the peaches.

Finish - Biscuity. An echo of just crushed malted barley. Barley sugar, even a little cough candy.

A rich, sweet whisky, very gentle and certainly very drinkable (the longer I've had the bottle the more drinkable I've found it). The wine finish is there, I cannot flaw the integration, and I could chug through this all evening. It is the very definition of an A score for me. Still available and recommended.  Good stuff.

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