Sunday, 29 January 2017

Two old Tormores

A couple of Tormores that I took in a split from Julian from Whisky Rover.  I’ve not really had any Tormore before so I was interested to try these.  He was raving about the first, a famous old 10 year old from the before-time, and with good reason.

Old whisky being amazing is a common theme, and I can get behind it to an extent.  But it doesn’t follow that there’s nothing to be excited about with modern whisky.  I’m having trouble just finding room for all the unmissable bottles I’ve been tasting over the last couple of years, stocking up on epic Springbank, the new Kilkerran 12, the most fantastic Highland Parks, Longmorns and Glen Morays at SMWS (and that last Glen Grant), blockbuster Glenrothes, Mortlachs, Glenfarclas’ and a never ending stream of over 30 year old Caol Ila’s from Cadenheads (and of course they’re still releasing 39 year old Tomatins, Glentauchers, a Glen Mhor just now and much more to come this year for their 175th anniversary).  Not to mention Douglas Laing slinging them out constantly and of course everything from Compass Box being incredible.  It feels like a real high point in many respects for whisky, we have a lot to be thankful for.  If you’re feeling bogged down by it all, just remember it basically amounts to infinite complexity and fun, and there’s oceans of it.  Enjoy!

Tormore 10 year old, pure malt, 1970s, 43% A⊕

Tormore10Nose - Blackcurrants, grape jelly, crushed malted barley and tobacco. Blackcurrant jam with time, the intensity of the fruit increases the more you smell it. Lapsang souchong, burnt candle wax and roasted apples. Absolutely phenomenal.

Body - Soft, floral and ripe, but balanced by cakey acrylics, orange oils and fizzing tannins. Waxy and complicated (with a touch of old bottle).

Finish - Medium, with wood dust and varnish, red fruit and chocolate covered coffee beans at the end. Tropical burps.

Really high quality, amazing that this was bog standard 10 year old in the 70s. Amazing that this is 10 years old full stop!

Tormore 1995, 20 years old, casQueteers, 51.6% B-

13th September 1995, bourbon hogshead, cask 20277, bottled July 2016

tormorecasqNose - Younger, woodier, red berries and charcoal. Hard oak, peanuts, dried rosemary and a little swimming pool. Hopelessly outclassed by the 10 year old.

Body - Ouch! Very astringent, virgin oak levels of wood, aniseed gobstopper centres and orange oils. Chewed flower stalks and fizzy vanilla. A quite hollow whisky. Slightly better with water, but still young feeling.

Finish - Medium to short, with black pepper and burnt sugary glaze. With time and water, this is almost exactly like the tar at the end of far too many rollies.

Palate destroying.  Not a good one.

Nevertheless, thanks Julian for sharing these with us!

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