Saturday, 10 December 2016

Macallan Edition #2

IMG_0721I’ve had this one a while and split it with a few friends (as we did #1 – reviewed in the middle of this lot), and am close to finishing the remains of the bottle, so a review is overdue! 

I’ve really been enjoying Macallan recently. When I toured the distillery, I couldn’t have had a more in-depth and intense tour, we saw pretty much everything.  We saw (as you do in most distilleries to be fair) the massive amounts of care taken to produce the spirit, look after it and select and blend it into releases.  There’s a whole team at the distillery dedicated to blending together the whisky, and they take real pride.  And of course Macallan is famous for good reason. 

Macallan, Edition #2, 48.2% A+

Quite the most orange bottle and box you've ever seen, which I wholeheartedly approve of.

IMG_0723Nose - Warmer and more "OB" than the Ed1, so it's a little softer, a little more elegant with stronger cask influence. Dried apricots, fresh peach and crayons. Felt tip pens, glace cherries and a new box of Marlboro lights. There really is that special something you only get with a properly blended whisky - a balance thing. Brighter fruits and more cask with water. Beautiful, really.

Body - Far drier than the Ed1, with toast and truffle honey, and spicy tobacco, but that characteristic heavy sherry Mac is lurking in the background. A bright, rich fruitiness, like Vimto has (not that it tastes of Vimto), and good balanced tannins. Everything disappears with water though, it's sold at 48.2% for good reason.

Finish - Quite short with Cherry Ripes and stewed tea. Clean and considered, wax cask at the end.

Another delicious OB Macallan meant to be enjoyed in a tumbler while chatting, not in a Glencairn in front of a laptop. Well recommended.

IMG_0722Compared to Ed1, it's less winey and I prefer 1’s oranges and lip salve on the nose. The nose on Ed1 also seems more Asian side by side and more spicy.  Ed2 is definitely more classy. Both are great whiskies, and both very Macallan – I think I prefer Edition 1 though.  Just a bit more power.  Both I could happily work through a bottle of.

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