Friday, 23 December 2016

Cadenhead’s Edinburgh shop, Springbank 19 years old

This was a special release for the Edinburgh Cadenhead’s shop back in August.  I made notes back in October after we split one, but got distracted and just found them.  This was one per customer and sold out quickly back then, but you might find it in auctions, well worth seeking out (these shop selected casks are always amazing).

Remember next year is the 175th anniversary at Cadenhead’s, so there will be much, much more of this kind of thing happening!  Can’t wait.

Springbank Cadenheads 19 years old, 53.4% A⊕+

13900082_628062357370222_1760641783453774481_nNose - Complex, robust and elegant. Perfumed, parmas and peat. And Parma ham? Springbank ages so quickly! It's like an old Caol Ila but gentler, with crab apple jelly and preserved lemons. Chalky bonbons round out this slightly baffling but incredible nose. Even better with water, with oaked white wine and fizzers.

Body - Heavily peated with bags of fruit and boiled sweets, but really gently balanced somehow too - apple pie and custard, salted caramel. Waxed apples, swimming pool, tooth coating tannins. You can't find whisky like this made in Japan.

Finish - Very, very long. Gunpowder, more jelly and toast with pate, sandalwood joss sticks at the end.

What a complicated, fruity and deliciously old peated whisky. So complete, so much fecundity. Imagine just tripping over that in the warehouse one day! Fantastic stuff.

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