Thursday, 24 November 2016

Cadenheads November 2016 Authentic Collection

A small outturn, a Christmas present!

I thought this was coming out on Friday but apparently it’s Thursday (today) so here goes…everything is going online at 12:30pm 24/11/2016, so you should be able to get any of these if you’re quick.

Hazelburn 2007, 8 years old, 54% A+

162 bottles.  Recharred bourbon barrel, possibly Springbank?

IMG_0607Nose - Light, fruity, good dusty cask. A lovely, clean, ripe apple and tobacco nose. Beautifully fruity, delicate and really mature for the age.

Body - Young but bright and robust, light peat hit to it but quite hot.

Finish - Medium, green apple and salted caramel.

A really lovely, clean, elegant nose, with a confident delivery. Delicious.

Clynelish 1990, 26 years old, 45.3% A+

258 bottles, bourbon barrel

IMG_0613Nose - Sweetly waxed, cut peaches and cherry lip salve. Classy.

Body - Big, big wax, mango dried and peach gummy sweets.

Finish - Candle wax and buttercream icing.

Extremely sweet this one, cake and vanilla icing, loads of peach.

Ord 1996, 20 years old, 54.3% A⊕

252 bottles.  Lafitte since 2009

IMG_0611Nose - Fresh red wine cask, light hazelnuts, quite meaty - lamb and mint sauce? Red apple skin and crackling.

Body - Spicy, with reduced red wine sauce, fennel tops and olives. A beautiful musk with water, absolutely cracking.

Finish - Very nutty with burnt toast and cherry jam.

A deeply satisfying, well judged red wine cask

Mortlach 1998, 27 years old, 52.6% A⊕

498 bottles.  Sherry wood

IMG_0614Nose - Deeply classy, bright fruit and big cask. Grapes, men's perfume, chocolate but an undercurrent of ripe, red fruit; raspberry, cut cherries and then fresh flowers and Pritt Stick. Classical - like a very old OB might nose. More tobacco with water.

Body - Gentle refill sherry here, quite austere. Slightly spicy, quite dry but with a beautiful light peat and dry wax cask. Even waxier with water, with cigarette tobacco and black pepper.

Finish - Long and bright, tannic and dry, very compelling. Even longer with water, with dried cherries and wood chips.

Really very classy indeed.

Springbank 2002, 14 years old, 47.7% A⊕+

168 bottles, bourbon barrel.

IMG_0609Nose - Here we go. White fruit and peat, marshmallow and women's perfume. Beautiful casking here again, cigar and menthol tobacco. Complex, bright, deep but with floral funk.

Body - Perfect… quite biscuity but bright, slightly funky wood and cookie dough.

Finish - Medium, very sweet, dessert wine, but beautiful balance.

Aboslutely delicious again, and unputdownable.

Glen Scotia 2000, 16 years old, 57.8% A+

612 bottles, first fill sherry.

IMG_0610Nose - Sweet and quite odd, table polish, refreshers and rotting fruit. Sweet, funky and slightly fizzing. Quite arresting, quite interesting though, fingers crossed…

Body - Goodness me… very dirty, in a lightly restrained way. Baked apple with cineammon sticks, strawberry laces and quite hot sulphur.

Finish - Really playing very dangerous games with the sulphur on this one, hot and drying but not overdone, just.

Hot and funky, compelling but weird.

Bowmore 13 years old, 56.7% A⊕

Nose - Sweet, gentle and insistent, with orange zest, fizzers and liquorice root and cut flower stalks.

Body - Sweet at first, then gentle and warming. Fizzy Haribos and herbal cigarettes. Complex and gently arresting.

Finish - Long and tannic, woodsy notes balance out the fizzing peat and sweetness. Tobacco at the end.

Really, really drinkable, grown up with tobacco and growing warmth. Highly recommended.

Ardbeg 1993, 23 years old, 47.7% A⊕+

210 bottles, bourbon hogshead.

IMG_0615Nose - Complex and old, gentle Islay on inhale, bandages on exhale. Really dirty… yet gentle. I'm confused. Beedis, liquorice allsorts, wet wood. Reminds me of posh BBQed food - slightly acrid but lots of airy complexity.

Body - Wax and liquorice, a building fruity funk, red cherries and rolling tobacco. So much wax! Very mature.

Finish - Long with ripe pear and lots of fruit to the end, white peach and star fruit.

Another very classy whisky. Fascinating development and dangerously drammable.

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