Thursday, 27 October 2016

SMWS Pairs–Two 24 year old Longmorns

IMG_0284Same day, same cask type, same run of the still no doubt although a few cask numbers apart (the society casks are numbered in the order they’re selected for bottling by the tasting panel, not the order in which they’re bought, distilled or anything else).

Old society Longmorns are legendary. 24 isn't massively old, but these two are belters.

SMWS 7.150, Longmorn, In Perfect Harmony, 24 years old, 51.1% A⊕

10th April 1992, 198 bottles, refill bourbon

IMG_0282Nose - There's special in here. Dark, ripe, thick but restrained fruit - treacle tart? Very gentle orange curd, furniture polish and big, clarty pastry (although this whisky is elegant above all else).

Body - Waxy old cask, very sweet at the tip of the tongue but good balance across the rest. A touch of red wine tannin, petrol and Asian fruit in front of just a load of mature cask (oil, star fruit, raisins). Water brings cigarette tobacco but unbalances this elegant whisky which was previously "in perfect harmony"

Finish - Long and slightly hot and sour. Mukhwas.

A lovely, balanced, elegant whisky. It needs you to take your time with it though.


SMWS 7.146, Longmorn, Orange Velvet, 24 years old, 54.3% A⊕+

10th April 1992, 246 bottles, refill bourbon

IMG_0283Nose - Fatter and fruitier, less elegant but more insistent than the 150. Starfruit and kumquats, candied orange and a much more three dimensional cask influence. A small cardboard misstep takes the edge off. Water brings hot chocolate and tobacco.

Body - So gentle, so much fruit - it's like making your own marmalade, it's incredible how orangey the stuff is when you've just been slicing and juicing the oranges. So I think Seville orange is probably a good call here, with salt, cracked black pepper and fennel tops. A little sulphur, a little joss stick with water. It's lovely.

Finish - Long and quite hot, the green tropicality continues. Water brings tannic toffee and stewed tea, which excites you for another sip.

A highly accomplished whisky, intense fruit and wood in balance yet it doesn't really pull any punches - worth a trip through anyone's glass and a good combination of tasting interest and proper drammability. Get one.


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