Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Glenfiddich Experimental Series 1&2

Lovely new packaging for Glenfiddich and all whisky nerds like a series (although I’m tired of trilogies).  We sourced these through a bottle share (hence the proper notes) and the rest were at the whisky show (hence the micro notes).  The 30 was my dream dram on the first day and the others were at the Glenfiddich masterclass - which was good fun and it was great to get a proper drink on the 26 finally.

Anyway the headline is with these two, that they’re cracking drinkers and nicely priced.  Both recommended.

Glenfiddich Experimental Series #01, IPA Cask Finish, 43% A-

glenfiddich-experimental-series-ipa-cask-finish-whiskyNose - It smells like classic, great Glenfiddich. The nose is way out of its price band. A good balance between sweet depth, sour fruit, tobacco and acrylic paints. A gentle, understated fruit with crayons and buttercream icing. Proper delicious on the nose.

Body - Comparatively ordinary on the delivery, although well done. Dry and tannic with soft toffee and lightly floral. There's a feeling of tobacco water to this - perhaps licked perfume?

Finish - But the finish brings back that deep, grown-up Glenfiddich sweetness, and brings you back for that wonderful old nose. Peppery wet wood

A big crystal tumbler and a roaring log fire and the kids long asleep would be a great accompaniment to this. The low strength and corresponding lack of body wouldn't be a problem then and you could just bath in the nose and the finish.

And no it doesn’t taste or smell of IPA or hops.

Glenfiddich Experimental Series #02, Project XX, 47% A+

glenfiddich-experimental-series-project-xx-whiskyNose - Zestier and sharper on the nose than the IPA, still with that lovely green apple and toffee balance. The wax is a touch muskier, the tobacco less, the fruit more intense. It's a little less classy on the nose but it's still a beautiful thing.

Body - Much better on the delivery than the IPA, orange juice and green papaya, very astringent with hints of peat.

Finish - Long with wet woods and lots of tobacco - when did Glenfiddich have so much tobacco? Mango burps.

A complex and delicious Glenfiddich that narrowly avoids being confused or confusing. Well drinkable. Well done team!

Glenfiddich 30 years old, 43% A⊕+

IMG_0173Nose - Austere wood, slight caramel, clean cigar tobacco. Lightly herbal (fresh cut celery), floral with women's perfume and a little leather belt. Toffee malt (stood at the malt mill).

Body - Expansive old Glenfiddich, white wine, black pepper, salted caramel, caraway and roasted plums.

Finish - Very long, with red wine tannins and black pepper.

Like licking the end of a good cigar before you light it, complex and very grown up.

Glenfiddich Excellence, 26 years old, 43% A⊕+

American oak, 1-4 fills bourbon casks.

IMG_0194Nose - Gentle. Cut pear, clean wood and apple juice.

Body - Gloriously complete. Dusty toffee and wood, beautiful fruit (banana and apple).

Finish - Very long but complex, thick oils in the mouth are just beautiful.

Gentle elegance on this one.

Glenfiddich 1975, ex bourbon cask, then sherry for 8 years. 49% A⊕

An experiment.

IMG_0195Nose - Nutted, lacquered woods. Orange zest, orange juice and school halls.

Body - Big polish and oranges, intense oils. Beautiful structure but a real bomb.

Finish - Long, zest again, marker pens.

A lovely drinker but too much wood overall.

Glenfiddich 1990, Sherry cask, European oak barrel A-

IMG_0195Nose - Massive oak and sherry, like a Glendronach. Acrylic varnish, pastic packaging.

Body - Enormous sherry and spice, so much wood…

Finish - Long plastic.

I’m not sure if they have these whiskies the wrong way round.  Anyway, this needs to be blended into something amazing!  And I’m sure it will.

I need to come back to the core range Glenfiddichs.  I’m sure I’m missing something…

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