Thursday, 13 October 2016

Douglas Laing, Single Minded, Speyside

Single Minded is Douglas Laing’s range of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, packaged in a premium gift carton with colour banding differentiating the various Whisky regions of Scotland.

Douglas Laing Single Minded, Speyside, 15 years old, 46% A

Jul16-SingleMinded-15Nose - Fresh but just shy of zesty, more waxy, sweet and a bit meaty - crayons sticking out of a birthday cake. There's a lovely, rounded fruit here though, with something meaty sitting on top of this… not sure. Iced buns too (dried fruit, icing and a touch of cinnamon). Robust, but a bit thin perhaps, although not young at all.

Body - The same good balance of fruit, meat and a touch of warm white wine.

Finish - Long, tannic, good wood and a touch of joss stick. Ripe pear and black pepper crisps at the end.

This has a really appealing character. Honest, competent, balanced, robust but unpeated. White wine and a touch of funk on the nose, lots of body. Highly recommended as a drinker.

Douglas Laing Single Minded, Speyside, 24 years old, 46% A+

speyside-24-year-old-single-minded-douglas-laing-whiskyNose - Ripe with red berries, plum jam and sticky tobacco. Mineral like a chilled white wine, but hot and tannic like a red, this is a well-structured, mature but soft whisky on the nose.

Body - Berries, more wine and salt and black pepper crisps. Redcurrants is it? Slightly almondy but not cherries. A touch of cardboard.

Finish - It really sings in the finish. Big sherry notes with mincemeat tart and candied orange peel, and the black wine from the South West of France. Very long and packed full of jam.

At first this didn't appeal but again, the honest structure and fruit really grew on me and I just started loving it.

Both cracking whiskies and pretty different although perhaps they're the same distillery but sherry and bourbon casks.

Macallan is a good distillery.

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