Saturday, 17 September 2016

Old Particular, Clynelish 18 years old

A chance conversation on twitter with Craig from Green Welly yielded (via DM) a personal recommendation for this whisky.  One thing I’ve learned over the last few years is to obey heart felt recommendations from people who work in whisky shops.  I wanted to get something out about this before it sold out (these OPs are so limited and go very quickly), so… here it is.

The reason for the interaction on this one was that it’s billed as refill hogshead but looks heavily sherried.  I hear that DLaing only give the last cask the whisky was in, not any previous homes, so my gut feeling is that this is part of a butt (maybe kept for later) which then spent some time then in refill bourbon.  The result is a sherried whisky with real structure, balance and most importantly, drinkability. 

Douglas Laing’s Old Particular, Clynelish, 18 years old, 48.4% A⊕

298 bottles, refill hogshead DL10999.

IMG_0038Nose – Black olives, sherry, cold tea leaves and honey. It’s so clean, for something so dark and (relatively) young; earthy, honest and compelling.  Fresh laundry, a touch of cereal, loads of ozone.  Lovely.

Body – Cold red wine and lip gloss, icing sugar and cigar tobacco.  Refreshing and sherried?  Colder, sweeter with water.

Finish – Long, balanced and delicious, the oak and red wine against the toffee is particularly pleasing.  Cloying with water with lurking red chilli, don’t add any.

There’s something really “right” about this whisky, quickly get some before it’s gone.

At the time of writing, Welly has some, and MoM do too.

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  1. The definition of "single cask" rears its ugly head again...