Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Cadenheads October 2016 Small Batch Outturn


IMG_0131Well, that escalated quickly!

Glenrothes 14 years old, 57.4% A+

Couple of bourbon hoggies, honest whisky.

IMG_0141Nose - Sweet, sharp a little sour, and very waxy backing, very classy and very Glenrothes.  Chalky bonbons and candlewax.  Fresh but old school. Night and day with water - bursting with fruit and wax, like attending a warehouse tasting.

Body - Sharp, bright, quite young and hot though but with a rich meatiness behind it.  Rounder with water but more chalky and tannins.

Finish - Long and developing into ripe pear, more wax and a long, slightly spicy finish.

A fantastic nose and a complex but slightly challenging delivery - a little too much spice for me.  A cracking, honest drammer.

Mortlach 13 years old, 46% A+

IMG_0143Nose- Warm, comforting, like hot buttered toast and beeswax.  Roasted apple and booze soaked raisins - delicious.  

Body - Fruity and dusty, a touch of cinnamon.

Finish - Long and slightly hot, licked plywood at the end with lingering cinnamon.

A much more rounded and gentle whisky, cotton wool and wax on the nose.  Very good again.

Royal Brackla 18 years old, 54% A⊕

IMG_0140Nose - Really classy. Bright but slightly restrained, furniture polish and toffee apples.  A refreshing, fruity funk really makes this interesting, this makes me think of whiskies that really stand out at whisky festivals.  More mineral with water, with lemon bonbons.

Body – Beautiful… complex roasted lemon and crayons, a touch of fennel but a really deep sweetness behind it and a touch of funk.

Finish - Oddly toasted and slightly hot, needs a touch of water - which brings a herbal freshness like flat leaf parsley.

What a beautiful, fruity but classy whisky.  This was hauntingly good and is well worth picking up.

Glen Grant 31 years old, 46.1% A⊕

(definitely a sherry butt)

IMG_0137Nose - Ripe, dark and gentle, a classy but fresh sherry bomb with almond wood polish, glace cherries and yoghurt covered raisins.  A touch of ripe mango on exhale.

Body - Big and old, a massive initial delivery of age with lacquer, dusty woods, ripe, black plums and tobacco.

Finish - Quite short, weirdly, a touch of coffee but real maturity in the delivery. 

A big, old bruiser, a touch over the hill perhaps but lots of fruit complexity and delicious to drink.

Glentauchers 39 years old, 43.8% A⊕+’

IMG_0151Nose - Glazed, golden and complex, with loads of overripe stone fruit and deep tropical note, with pineapple and neat kia-ora.

Body - This is like a big old Tomatin with liquorice dunked in it.  Fruit bomb, massive structure and this fantastic run of cloves through it.

Finish - Very, very long.  Complex and balanced with the ancient wood just balanced by that funk and fruit.

What an amazing whisky.

Highland Park 30 years old, 46.5% A⊕+’

IMG_0146Nose - Intense age again, big fruit but balanced by that beautiful HP dusty peat.   That 3 dimensionality is just so fantastic. More charred with water.

Body - Numbing, chalky wax, intense toffee and fruit, poster paints and wham bars.  It's everything you wanted from a big old HP. Even better with water, although a touch hotter and chalkier.

Finish - Long and zesty and quintissentially HP.

Hallelujah.  Although I’m running out of superlatives.

Cadenheads Creations,Rich fruity sherry, Batch no.2, 36 years old A⊕+

Tamdhu, Highland Park, Macallan, Invergordon (and others)

IMG_0149Nose - This is getting ridiculous.  Simpler than the HP and the Glentauchers, but it's scratching the same itch and the wax and fruit is beautiful.   Stewed red wine with star anise round it out.

Body - Wow.  A redder whisky I've never tried - oranges stuck with cloves, stewed in sweetened red wine.

Fiinish - Red fruit again with stewed tea and cinnamon sticks.

One of the most massively drinkable whiskies I've tried.

William Cadenhead blended scotch whisky,43 years old, 44.2% A⊕+’

Glenfarclas,Glenlivet, Invergordon

IMG_0147Nose - Just glorious.  Deeper and darker than the creations, but that beautiful grain is really singing in here, absolutely phenomenal.  Don't take this the wrong way but, Pritt stick, a touch of sweat, Twix bar against that classic Cadenheads ancient cask, I love the herbal notes.  I love this nose.

Body - Bright but ancient, orange juice with fresh lemon segments.  A touch of peat in here.  This one tastes like a warehouse tour.  Perfect Autumn drinking.

Finish - Long, numbing with Sechuan peppercorns and orange zest.  Tropical burps, but then they would be after this lot!

One of the best whiskies of the year.  Of course the art of blending produces wholes that are far greater than the sum of the parts, but then if you do it with 43 year old whisky….!

Caol Ila 34 years old, 60.1% A⊕+

IMG_0135Nose - It's not just another very old Cadenheads Caol Ila, goodness knows I’ve tasted a few of them and bought them all!  I was determined to leave this one on the shelf.  Big and beautiful but with incredible poise from the alien peat.  Sugar crusted sour Haribo, sharpies and fruit polos round out the majesty.  Glorious.

Body - Arrestingly peated.  Almost medicinally fruity (like those Swiss cough sweets), and quite odd.  Rolling tobacco on the lips, while sucking a travel sweet.

Finish - Long and numbing, liquorice imps and so much fruit.  Very long actually.  Bandages at the end. Even better with water (although I went through my cl before I could really water it).

Really strong and really peated at 34!  This is an extremely powerful and important whisky.

Ledaig 19 years old, 53.9% A⊕'

IMG_0139Nose - Classic old Ledaig, mild toasty peat, leather, petrol and cigars.  Oil paints and crystal malt.

Body - Fabulous musk, peppercorns, granite and neat orange squash again.m Grapefruit zest and petrol.

Finish - The afterglow of swimming pool as you're combing your hair, cracked black pepper and chewed oak.

It's everything you wanted.  Tough cohort though!  Yikes…


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