Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Robert Graham, Treasurer's Selection Benrinnes 1995

Joe Ellis (Whisky Wednesday) picked this for his best whisky of 2015, he picked it while he was tasting\judging 85 whiskies!  It must be good to stand out in that crowd.  Thanks for the generous sample of this Joe!

Robert Graham, Treasurer's Selection Benrinnes 1995, 19 years old, 50.5% A⊕

Cask 9095

benrinnesNose - Fresh, mouth wateringly vibrant and fruity, like an opal fruit. Softly waxed like strawberry laces - or maybe raspberry glaze? Very fine. Most importantly there's a very, very classy deodorant and musk cask note laced with lemon sherbets. Intensely refreshing but very sweet. A little more grown up with water, more mature cask notes. Lovely stuff.

Body - Sweet, soapy and reasonably hot. Big citrus bitterness against the sugar, cut ruby grapefruit, but backed by big soapy wood tannins and chewed candles. Weirdly with water, blown out birthday cake candles. Honestly.

Finish - Medium to long, stewed tea and rolling tobacco in the mouth. Tropical lemon burps. Classy with water, very drying and lots of wood.

This is an exciting whisky. Weird and classy, effortless interesting and very drinkable.

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